2019 Show

The 2019 Coaley produce show was held on 7th September 2019.


Vegetable Cup - David Wilcox.
G. S. Neale Cup for Fruit - Tylan Bahcheli.
Flower Cup - Fiona Porter.
Floral Decoration Cup - Gemma Carter.
Domestic Cup - Vanessa Sprague.
Rose Bowl - Stephen Cook.
Coaley W.I. Cup for Arts and Crafts - June Dunlop.
Jean Steel Cup for Children - Jack Cook.
Billet Cup for Children - Lizzie Burrows.
Frank Workman Rose Bowl - Pat Grimwood.
Winnie Brooks Cup for the Most Beautiful Flower - Ros Jones.
Major Memorial Award - David Wilcox.
Wooden Spoon - Chris Wilcox.
Cospa Cup for Photography - Sam Sirett.
Florie Curson Dahlia Cup - Fiona Porter.
Centaur Cup for Coaley School (7 and under) - Ffion Fielding.
Centaur Cup for Coaley School (8 -10) - Mia Griffith.